about CRAFT

Welcome to C.R.A.F.T. We are an independent Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training in eastern Massachusetts.

Our purpose is to promote:
Training of farmers, farm workers and apprentices in the craft of small-scale sustainable agriculture with emphasis on food production. Through the collaboration of many farms, we provide a broader learning experience than can be received on one farm alone.

Exchange of ideas among farm people. Our goal is to increase the skill base in sustainable agriculture.

Community of farmers, farm workers, and others who are interested in local agriculture. We support peer-based education to help farmers connect with others who share similar goals.

From April through October farmers, farm workers and apprentices from CRAFT farms gather at one farm for a visit and/or workshop. Each visit includes a farm tour and an overview of the farm as well as a discussion about one or two specific topics. CRAFT discussions are also scheduled November through March if there is sufficient interest.