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The CRAFT e-mail list serves the eastern Massachusetts CRAFT farming community and is hosted by Tufts University. This e-mail list is a forum for active discussion on farming and agriculture in eastern Massachusetts.

Subscribing to the eMassCRAFT list requires two steps and some patience.

Step One Get yourself a Tufts SYMPA username and password.
1. Navigate to https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/
2. In the left sidebar, click on “first login?”
3. Enter your email address and click on “request first password”. (Unfortunately due to limitations in our list software we are unable to accept yahoo.com addresses.)
4. Check your email for a message from SYMPA
5. Click the link in the email to choose your password
6. Enter your full name on the User Preferences page and click “submit”
7. You now have a Tufts Username (your email address) and a password.

Step Two Subscribe to eMassCRAFT list by logging in.
1. Navigate to https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/subscribe/emasscraft (consider bookmarking this page, it’s how you will get access to the archived messages, a treasure trove of farmer advice and job postings!)
2. In the left sidebar, enter your Tufts Username (your email address)
3. In the left sidebar, enter your Tufts Password, click “login”
4. You will see this message “Your request has been forwarded to the list owner”

Be patient.
Each subscription request is individually reviewed. List managers review and accept/reject subscriptions requests at least once per week. When you’ve been subscribed, you will receive a welcome message from the eMassCRAFT list. While you’re patiently waiting, consider visiting the eMassCRAFT website to learn more about who we are and what we do.

To UNSUBSCRIBE from this email list send an email to: sympa@elist.tufts.edu.  In the subject line of your e-mail type: unsubscribe EMASSCRAFT