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The CRAFT e-mail list serves the eastern Massachusetts CRAFT community and is hosted by Tufts University. This e-mail list is a forum for active discussion on farming and agriculture in eastern Massachusetts. The CRAFT group organizes educational workshops, farm tours, and an apprentice/intern network for new and established farms in eastern Massachusetts.

Due to limitations in our email list software, we are unable to accept subscription requests from people using yahoo addresses. 

There are two ways to SUBSCRIBE to the emasscraft email list.

1. Navigate to https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/subscribe/emasscraft

  • Complete the subscription process by entering your email address


2.  Navigate to http://elist.tufts.edu/

  • In the email address field at the upper left, enter your email address.
  • In the password field, enter your password. (if you don’t have a password, then you can create a new account)
  • Click Login. Your address will display in the upper left-hand corner of the Elist homepage and you can search for the Emass CRAFT listserv.

There are two ways to UNSUBSCRIBE from this email list

1. Send an email

  • Address your email to: sympa@elist.tufts.edu 
  • Type in the Subject line of your e-mail : unsubscribe EMASSCRAFT
  • Type in the Body of the email: unsubscribe EMASSCRAFT

– OR

2. Use  https://elist.tufts.edu/wws/signoff/emasscraft

Receiving emails from the list: One thing that often confuses people is that you will only be allowed to post messages (and conversely receive messages) to the email address which is subscribed to the list.  Many people use multiple email addresses for different purposes (ie, you may have an organizational affiliation / work email and a personal google/gmail or yahoo or hotmail that you use for the farm or other).  If you are only receiving some of the messages then it may be that you are not subscribed with the primary email you use to get farm information.   If the email you use to “join” or subscribe to the EMass CRAFT listserv is correctly subscribed, then you should receive all posts.  Sometimes, people report that they do not receive a copy to your own inbox of emails you post directly, which is normal unless you cc yourself.

To check the list of current subscribers: Log in to the e-list site (again, same process you used to subscribe the first time, login and use your password) and then submit a request to “review subscribers” and the list of current subscribers will be sent to you.  You can also view mail archives here.

To view archived messages: Once you are subscribed to the CRAFT email list you can log in to the home page view the archived messages.  Archived messages can be sorted by topic and date.

Bouncing emails are periodically deleted from the list.